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Ladies Day V.I.P. is an informational service which details horse racing fixtures and news (predominantly, but not exclusively, ladies and gentleman day). We detail information so you are less likely to miss tickets sales which are often sold out fast. We are not responsible for any individual or parties being unable to purchase tickets.  

In addition, we detail select recommendations such as hotels, restaurants and offers. Your contract, reservation or booking (free or financial transaction) is the responsibility of the individual (purchaser(s), with the given business/company. We do not accept liability for the loss, change or amendment of a booking or financial transaction(s). Your contract is with the given business/company. You must adhere to the terms and conditions of the given business.            

Subscribers are under no obligation to accept offers or recommendations. Ladies' Day V.I.P. is under no obligation to forward offers and may stop at any time.

Subscribers accept responsibility for their gambling - winning or losing. If you have a gambling problem respectfully decline offers forwarded/unsubscribe.  


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  1. You must be over 18 years of age to register with a bookmaker and place a bet. Bookmakers advertising on the Professional Gamblers website reserve the right to ask for proof of age from any customer and customer accounts may be suspended until satisfactory proof of age is provided.